30A AC SR100 Ammeter

500V SR100 Voltmeter, ideal for submersible pump control panels

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Name: 30A AC SR100 Voltmeter


  • Big look
  • Dust proof
  • Corrosion free
  • Plastic moulded Dial
  • Excellent fit for submersible pump panels
  • Screwless Assembly


The big look Ammeter.

Our products are a result of over 39 years of development effort coupled with insightful and critical input from our customers in the control panel and submersible panel industry. Innovative die designs allow these meters to be assembled without any screws. All parts in this product are snap fit. Our gold range of products are self clamping and we were one of the first companies to create self clamping meters and to create big look meters for our OEM customers.

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