500V AC Voltmeter – 96 Plus

Our largest “Big Look” meter provides much larger scale and better readability than any 96mm meter in the market today.

The meter fits the standard 96mm cut out.

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  • 500V AC at 2.5% FS accuracy
  • Much larger scale than existing 96mm meters
  • Improved visibility of scale due to reduced depth between dial & glass from 6mm to 3mm
  • Reduced bezel depth from 43mm to 33mm
  • Movement isolated from other components for defect free performance
  • Unbreakable glass cover & 3 improved self locking clamps for mounting in the panel
  • Differentiated look and feel to set your panel apart from the rest
  • Dust proof
  • Corrosion free
  • Plastic moulded dial
  • Excellent fit for submersible pump panels
  • Screwless assembly

Our products are a result of over 39 years of development effort coupled with insightful and critical input from our customers in the control panel and submersible panel industry.

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